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Mutant Refuge is a roleplay group loosely based off the popular novel and manga, Maximum Ride.

Status: Open by StampMakerLKJ | Public Opening: January 20, 2017

Mutant Refuge is a semi-open group; anyone and everyone is free to join whenever we hold public openings!

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Cabin points are points your whole cabin will earn every time you submit something to the group, or any time you participate in an RP- all these points will be added up at the end of the year, and whichever cabin has the most by then will be rewarded with all sorts of different prizes and fun field trips! Assignment pieces will always earn you an extra +5 points for the submission. Any camp memes you do will also earn you extra points, but each one will specify how many extra points are given in the description. Down below are how cabin points will be divvied up per submission:

Meanwhile, experience points are points you earn solely through participating in events. Experience points go towards the stars (:star:) that are beside your abilities, which indicate how experienced you are at using those powers. By using your abilities during events, you build up experience with them, and it takes about 20 experience points to fill up a whole star. If you max out all of your current abilities, it's possible for you to earn up to two new ones! Each event will state how many experience points you can receive for participating, so keep a sharp eye out for that! It's up to you, as the creator of your character, to make it clear in your event piece what ability they are using and to keep track of how many experience points they've earned. For example, if you're submitting an event art piece, please put in your description something like this:

Average Joe used Fire Claws in this event.

If your OC uses an ability during an RP, however, be sure to announce it somewhere during their move in the chat- try to make it as clear as possible, like so:

Average Joe could see no other way out of the situation... They were clearly outnumbered. It was high time they used their Fire Claws. Flexing their hands, their claws began to spark, and glow dangerously red hot while they prepared to strike.

That way us mods will know you're adding those experience points towards your OC's stars, and that'll make it a whole lot easier for us to keep track of things in the long run.
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