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Mutant Refuge is a roleplay group loosely based off the popular novel and manga, Maximum Ride.

We are currently still under construction.

Status: Closed by StampMakerLKJ | Public Opening: Mid-January 2017

Mutant Refuge is an open group; anyone and everyone is free to join once we've officially open to the public.

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No deviants to display.

During your stay, campers are expected to sign up for at least one class! Don't worry, assignments are totally optional, and you're allowed to sign up for a total of three classes if any other courses have piqued your interest. Clubs are also completely optional, but are recommended as a good way to get to know your fellow campers! There's even some assistant positions around the camp that you may sign up for if you'd like to help keep everything in working order. We've listed what classes, clubs, and assistant positions are open to join, so make sure to include the ones you'll be joining on your applications.

And don't forget: Doing the assignments and helping around the camp will earn you cabin points from any of the staff that sees you in action! If your cabin earns enough points, you'll be rewarded with all sorts of things!

Hand-to-hand Combat
Keti 'Iloa
This class is specifically for learning how to fight and defend yourself in a hand-to-hand battle. You may not always be able to use your powers, or you may even be in a situation where you can't risk revealing your mutations, and that's where this course comes in quite handy. You'll learn both armed and non-armed fighting techniques, as well as a few dirty tricks to keep up your sleeve if you really can't risk fighting fair.

Special Abilities Training
Laelia Lindley
You've probably got some pretty weird powers thanks to those mutations of yours, but how do you plan to defend yourself if you can't even use them? Well, that's the whole point of this class! To ensure you know how to wield those powers in a way that they won't hurt you, or those around you. You'll learn to control those unique powers of yours, and put 'em to use in the best way possible: Protecting yourself from the threat of the School.

Survival Skills
Ronil Elie
Knowing how to fight and use your powers can only get you so far when you're stranded out in the middle of nowhere. The School can strike at any time, and no matter how good at fighting you are, you're bound to be overwhelmed if you've been starving and alone. This class will teach you the general basics on how to survive out in the wild- where to find edibles if you can't find a town, how to make shelter, and how to stay warm during cold nights. It will also teach you how to make your way through cities and towns without standing out like a sore thumb.

Arts & Crafts
This course and Survival Skills may end up going hand-in-hand now and again, since it dabbles in survival know-how. You'll learn how to craft your own weapons, shelters, and even how to piece together traps if you know you're being trailed. On a less life-threatening note, however, it also doubles as a regular arts and crafts class, with all sorts of art projects, ranging from knitting your own clothes, to creating birdhouses!

Fight Club
Keti 'Iloa
This club is for our already experienced fighters in the camp- or for anyone who wants the extra practice! This club doubles as extra credit for both Hand-to-Hand Combat and Special Abilities Training, because it combines both courses into one field test. Anyone looking for a way to really challenge themselves and push their strengths to their limit should look no further than the Fight Club.

Scouters Club
Staff Name
The Scouters Club is for our older, more experienced campers only. You must be eighteen years or older in order to join; this is for the safety of the scouts on the team, as this club will be putting your survival skills to the test. As a member of this club, it's your job to scout beyond the camp for any possible threats that may give away our location. If anything looks suspicious, Scouters are to report to the leader immediately.

Book Club
Staff Name
Although Book Club isn't quite as intense as the other clubs, that doesn't make it any less useful. This club is here to help campers if they're illiterate, since the School doesn't generally put much emphasis on the reading and writing skills of their creations. Even if you can already read and write, the club is here for all to enjoy, as the camp has its very own library!

Lunch Duty
Staff Name
Those who choose to help out with lunch duty are given the chance to put their culinary skills to the test, and for a job well done, campers may earn extra dessert, even without the use of their stamp card! Everyone rotates what duties they have in the mess hall, which include, but are not limited to putting out snack packs for the day, cleaning up in the kitchen, and cooking the food.

Staff Name
Anyone with an interest in helping heal their fellow campers are encouraged to sign up as assistants for the camp nurse! However, it's not for the faint of heart- there is medical equipment involved. Campers who join the team will learn how to stitch wounds, dress and clean injuries, how to set limbs and more firsthand. Duties in the nurse's office include keeping the cots clean, sterilizing the room and equipment, and even helping with surgeries if the situation calls for it.

Madeline Baudet
Although the therapist doesn't need an assistant at this time, this is still being listed here to inform everyone that you are always welcome to visit the therapist if you feel you need to. However, they may not always be in their room, and should this be the case, leave your name on the page taped to the door, and they will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. (Please note: The therapist is a character, and cannot help you with your real world problems.)

Staff Name
Campers that help out with the library will have access to it and its resources at all times! This includes the books themselves, audio books, maps, the library TV, DVDs, and its computers. Assisting campers will be given a key to the building, and will be expected to help with organizing the library, assisting their fellow campers with finding books, and, occasionally, hunting down other campers if they're late on returning anything...
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